Over 50% of all new leaders fail within 18 months

McKinsey & Company

Talent Boost works with acquisition investors, C-level leaders, and founders to make the DECISIVE MOVES that are critical to building scalable businesses. We apply a three-phase approach to:

  1. VALIDATE that your target companies and leaders have the capacity to achieve your growth strategy… BEFORE you invest in them;

  2. INTEGRATE and onboard them consistently and rapidly, so they contribute value sooner; and

  3. ACCELERATE their performance so you achieve a higher, faster ROI.

3 core drivers

We achieve this by focusing on the three core drivers of business performance and profitability:

  • When you have PEOPLE you can trust, you have Confidence in your ability to grow your business.

  • When you rely on a PROCESS that replicates what works and eliminates what doesn’t, you replace chaos with Sanity.

  • When you align PERFORMANCE with your success metrics, you deliver consistent, predictable Results.

How do you align your People, Process and Performance to achieve amazing results?


By MEASURING your current success… and then cloning it.