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The President and Founder of Talent Boost, Claire Chandler specializes in leadership and business value creation. She taps into nearly 30 years of experience in people leadership, human resources, and business ownership to help organizations achieve strategic alignment, culture integration, and sustainable success.


Claire gets results because she’s insanely easy to work with, cuts through the corporate clutter, and has proven, agile and customizable frameworks for aligning people, processes and performance with the long-term business strategy. Her clients often refer to her as their leadership therapist, because they have real, actionable conversations that remove obstacles, alleviate worries and get things done.


If YOU want to breathe easier, make sure Claire is in the room.

Claire holds a certificate in strategic HR leadership from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, a master’s degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s degree from Fairfield University. She has appeared as a guest on over 150 podcasts, is the author of several books on leadership and business strategy, and is a contributing writer for Forbes.


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Profit-Maker Checklist

Learn how to spot red flags within your business BEFORE they become dealbreakers.





Turning Leaders into Performance Accelerators

A Guide for Savvy Human Resources and Talent Management Leaders Who Want to Break the "Plug and Pray" Cycle

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